The End of SpartanTeX

After being online for more than six years our web service SpartanTeX ( is reaching its end of life.

SpartanTeX was one of the first services of its kind. Together with the Google Docs editor, SpartanTeX was a collaboration friendly LaTeX authoring environment.

The sad truth today is that we are unable to maintain SpartanTeX going forward.

Keeping up with Google

When SpartanTeX was first written in 2008, Google Docs was a relatively new service, supporting just documents and spreadsheets. Until recently, we continued using the Documents List API and REST to list and retreive documents. Since then, Google Docs became Google Drive, and contains far more functionality and extendability than it once did. That new functionality came with API updates, login procedure updates, and updates to how files are stored, cataloged, and accessed.

Beyond changes to the authentication system, most of SpartanTeX still lives in 2008. A complete overhaul of the code base would be required to provide a stable service with any hope of longevity.

Keeping up with Others

When we began, there were no services like ours. This is no longer the case, and unfortunately, we do not have the resources to keep up with newer online LaTeX services such as:

Final Updates

I have updated the authentication methods, so that you can access files and continue to work on existing projects, but I cannot assure that the service is stable or will last.

Thank you

Thank you for being a user of SpartanTeX. It has been a great pleasure to work on and maintain as long as we have.

- Brian Sinclair